Our Story

About Zest & Salt

Where It All Began

It seems fitting that the idea for Zest & Salt came about when a group of expatriate friends gathered around a dining table to share stories and food. Having each traipsed the globe for decades, we’d noticed that one ritual remained the same no matter where we were: The simple act of loved ones coming together to share a meal. Though we had each been welcomed into the cultures and cuisines of every vibrant new country we inhabited over the years — Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore — a longing for the familiar tastes of home invariably returned as time passed. 

Frequent trips back to the Mediterranean to enjoy homecooked meals and source supplies for the journey back kept our cravings at bay, but when the world spiralled into a global pandemic and air travel came to a halt, our memories of the tastes of home intensified, mixed together with a yearning to be reunited with family. This was when the dinner table talk of sharing the Mediterranean’s rich bounty with our adopted Southeast Asian homeland began to take shape. 


A desire to source authentic, artisanal produce led us to visit family farms and boutique producers creating exceptional gourmet food previously unavailable outside their domestic markets. It is here at the farm gate, that the Zest & Salt range of products is lovingly handpicked and brought back to our homebase in Singapore to share with you. The offering represents the staples we grew up with, the kind that evoke childhood memories of warm, fragrant kitchens and time spent in the presence of those we love most. We’re delighted to share these flavours with you, and we hope your family enjoys them as much as ours do.